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Lead Generation & Copy Strategist | i2i Marketing

What You Get Starting Today

** 32 of Your Most Valuable Prospects Into Your List Or Sales Funnel in the first 30 days - and every month thereafter.

** Client retention and influence - Engage your ready-to-buy prospects - create FIERCE brand loyalty - keep customers safe from prying competitors.

** Authority & 'Celebrity' Marketing - Begin your transformation from business owner to owner of authority in your marketplace - create legions of fans who want to VIRALLY spread your brand like gossip.

** Mobile | Wifi Marketing - Build your most valuable asset, your customer list, with two simple steps (1) Have customers walk into your establishment; and (2) Have them use their smart phone. It's really that easy. Ask me how.

|| What We Look At After The First 30 Days ||

** Local market client acquisition - Autopilot new customer acquisition - never lose track of your customers again.

** Organic SEO | Paid Search - Today, very few businesses need this anymore - but for those that do - get your website ranked on Page 1 of Google
** Direct mail marketing - EVERY business needs this, it's effective, cheap, and sometimes free. Contact me and request the "Warren Buffett Report For Local Businesses" to see how this relates to his investments.
** National and regional client acquisition - Qualified businesses only. First, contact me and request the report, "7 Aggressive Trends Affecting Business Today And The Only 2 That Really Matter"

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